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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

I just want to point out that my blog was approved to be part of the Knitting Blog webring...visit my neigbors and welcome to those new visitors!!

I worked on the Little Black Sweater last night a bit and have gotten to the arm hole shaping. Now I am questioning myself about decreases. On the knit side I am doing ssk and k2tog to decrease at each edge. Now my question is what do I do on the purl side? I guess I should preface this with saying that the first three and last three stiches of the row are to be in garter stitch (so k3, ssk, knit to end of row for right end and knit to last 5 stiches k2tog, k3 for left end). When I flip the piece and are on the WS do I do a k3, k2tog or k3, ssk or k3, p2tog or k3, ssp? I understand the slants and everything, but I guess I just don't understand how it will work against or with the other side. If anyone has a clue, please help me find one...

Other than that my night was pretty boring....I think I may have mentioned it before, but I don't think I quite explained what I was actually doing--I somehow got myself roped into being a Mary Kay Consultant. Well, after my director pissed me off, I said screw it (more time for knitting). So now I am stuck with all this MK inventory...I have begun selling it on ebay. I have been doing really well, but I want to move this stuff out of my house. I think the products are pretty good, but not worth the retail price, so I am selling most of this stuff at 50% off. If anyone reading this decides you want to buy something, just leave me a comment on here and mention in the auction that you are a knitter and were on my blog-I'll ship it for free. That's how much I want my basement back!! BTW, I add new stuff most everyday, so if you are looking for something in particular, email me or keep checking back. Visit my auctions

Alright, that is enough of my sales pitch...Now did I mention how much I love the internet? Everyday I find more useful knitting stuff. Yesterday I posted some pretty cool links, but here is another one: Sweater Pattern Generator . It's pretty neat- you put in your yarn weight, what type of sleeves you want, and what size--Viola! Instant pattern. What did people do before the internet? I wonder...

I think I am going to order my secret pal's next gift...This one will be fabulous!! I think I will get some for myself, too. I won't say what it is in case she has happened across me, but it will be yummy!! I am getting excited thinking about it!


Blogger Amie said...

I want the Lip Polish in the Maple, and the blush in Apricot! Maybe more stuff too... Do I need to e-mail you?

3:41 PM  

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