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Thursday, April 28, 2005

By, Bye Blogger!!

I've moved and gone through a change!! Visit me at Purls and Pugs!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


That is the only way I can describe Monday. Not only did I have so many meetings at work, the 'real' work didn't get done, but by the time I got home I had a migraine. I wanted to grill some fish or turkey breast on the grill last night, but I couldn't get the gas to turn on. So we ended up eating out.

Jeremy had picked up a wireless access point for the Tivo so that we could have Yoda slide shows in 52" and listen to our mp3s through the receiver and massive speakers in our living room. He spent all night on that. When I came down to eat breakfast this morning, I noticed the access point was packaged back up into its box. Apparently, the sales guy gave him an incompatible access point (after clearly stating the purpose of the purchase).

I knit like one row on the Tennis Sweater. Then I tinked it. I got to the last 4 stitches and ran out of yarn. Back I went.

So, as you can see we were very unproductive yesterday. Maybe Tuesday will be better...

Monday, April 25, 2005

Life of a dog

Boy Yoda sure has it bad. My husband once said that he wants to come back as a dog in my family. All the dogs we have every had have been spoiled. Sometimes I wonder if they were more spoiled than my sister and I. So the legacy continues with Yoda.

Saturday she was lounging around using Jeremy as her lounge chair.

Hey, Cabana Boy, bring me a drink!

I think I'll nap right here.

Ohhhh, my face is loving this massage.

In between waiting on Yoda hand and foot, there was some knitting. I managed to get the first sleeve done and on the same needle of the hourglass sweater. The way the weather has been acting, I might be able to wear her before the fall.

Hourglass with sleeve

My new love is the Tennis Sweater. This yarn really makes me happy. It is so soft. It is inexpensive. It is bright and pretty. I can't wait for more Knit Picks yarns....Bring it on, Baby!

Mmmmmm. Soft

Friday, April 22, 2005

Oh, dear!

Well, I've gone and done it! I hit the Jo-Anns in Bolingbrook last night to stock up on some Cotton-Ease. My parents had given me $50 for Easter that I had yet to spend, so I went for the yarn. I still have $.25 left...

Cotton-Ease: Black and Bubblegum

For those of you living in the area, Bolingbrook Jo-Ann's had a tonf of colors and skeins. If you are looking to stock up, I suggest heading out there.

When I did arrive home, I was greated with this:

Knit Picks Green Apple and Blush Shine and Euclean

Since green is the 'new pink', I decided that I shouldn't descriminate--I'll do a pink and green sweater.

So what did I promptly do?

I swatched for the Vogue Tennis Sweater...

unblocked swatch in Green Apple

The guage is pretty much dead-on. And I must say, I really like this stuff. It is very soft knitted up as well as in the ball. The stitch definition is amazing. Those cables really pop. So, I guess I would suggest this yarn to whoever was maybe on the fence.

I also really like the pattern thus far. Maybe I'll make a few of these in some different colors and fibers. It looks pretty versitle--no shirt underneath, collared shirt underneath, camisole underneath...

So, Jeremy got home from class last night and I was knitting the ribbing of the Vogue. I said, "Did you notice that I got my yarn?" He said, "It all looks the same to me. I wouldn't know if you had that stuff for months." Good to know...Muwahahahaha!

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Need a paper?

There are some MIT students that wrote a program that generates fake papers using a Madlibs format...need a paper? I know where you can get one.

Guess I should mention one of their papers was accepted to be presented at a conference!!!

Read Article

Gone forever?

Disturbing it is.* Lion Brand's Cotton-Ease has been discontinued. While I have not used it yet, I have played with it and have plans to make this. From the blogs I have read and the people I have spoken to, this is probably Lion's most popular of the non-novelty yarns. Perhaps Lion Brand wants all their yarns to have fur in it. Or maybe it is part of a bigger picture and they are going to be releasing some really nice wool and cotton yarns that will rival Knit Picks and Elann. One can only hope.

So excuse me while I plan my route home to include a couple local Jo-Ann Fabrics stores and maybe a Michael's or two...I can't forget Hobby Lobby, either. This is going to take some logistics....**

*Yes, I have begun speaking like Yoda.
**This does not go against the YNBA. This is an emergency!

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