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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Is it Friday yet?

Don't you hate it in the morning when you tell yourself there is only one more day you HAVE to get up this week? Especially when you went to bed early the night before?

So I started the i-cord with the 2 circ. method, and while it is extremely cool, it is taking forever! This i-cord is to be 5-6 ft long. I don't know if I can survive that long...I may hit the Hobby Lobby or Michael's and buy one of those knitting bobbin things ("Knitting Nellie"?). I hear they make i-cords much easier and quicker.

I re-cast on the Little Black Top last night and only got to row 7. I am going to be so careful this time. After using big yarn and needles on the last couple of projects, I forgot how slowly small needles and yarn go. I don't want to have to frog this thing again. I did read on Knitter's Review Forums that you can buy ravel cord or use waste yarn to mark periodically in your knitting. Then when you have to frog, the ravel cord or waste yarn is already holding the yarn and you can frog all the way back without worrying about stiches. Maybe a thought...

Melissa has also been asking about buttons...funny how minds think a like. I have been working on some designs for my own button, but graphic designer I am not. I can't draw free hand with paper and pencil, so I am certainly not going to attempt to draw on the computer. I think I am going to have to be creative with the camera. I also saw on Missa's Blog, Midnight Knitter, that she does make buttons for $15. It might be worth it. I am in the internet development arena and sometimes those little graphics take too long!! So keep watching and soon I'll have some links to other blogs...too much to do, not enough time!!

And for more ramblings....

I NEED to work out!! I need to stop being lazy and start doing my pilates and some cardio. My knees feel like I am 60 years old--thanks Cheerleading! My physical therapist told me to keep stretching and exercising-ooops! I also need to get off my butt and start studying for the GMAT. Kinda need that if I think I am going to go back for my MBA...if only my managers would approve my degree application for tuition reimbursement. I don't want to start putting time and money into something if they are not going to approve it (and pay for it)--know what I mean?

Thanks, I feel much better. I read somewhere that if you write down your goals, you are much more apt to actually achieving them. That was my short list....I get scared thinking about my long list!

Hope everyone is having a good day!!


Blogger Amie said...

I'll make a deal with you - I'll do my Pilates if you do yours!

3:45 PM  

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