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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I forgot how much work it is to get ALL the transcripts I would need for grad school applications...Now on to the easy part--the essay.

I know I promised pictures today, but Jeremy moved his computer and didn't get the card reader all setup, so I wait until that is done. Or I steal it for my computer....

I completed Jeff's hat. I used the fuzzy hat pattern from the Yarn Girl's Guide to Simple Knits . I LOVE that pattern--so easy and quick no matter what the yarn. On to the next gift...

I worked a bit on my Glorious Glove. I guess I am afraid of the thumb since I don't get it by reading the pattern. Any one have a good pictoral of how this works? This is what the pattern says:

Thumb placement: K3; with scrap yarn, k next 9 sts and sl back to lefthand ndl. With main yarn, k across these 9 stitches and rem sts in rd. Cont until 2" from thumb placement. Leave stitches on holder...Thumb: Remove scrap yarn to frr 9 sts at base of thumb, then place 9 sts from bottom opening on first ndl, and 10 sts from top on 2nd ndle...

To me I see that if I knit the stitches after I use the waste yarn, and I remove the waste yarn I will get the ladder effect? I don't know. I think I may be over analyzing it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, When you remove the waste yarn, at the same time you pick up the now-free stitches, and since the stitches are not loose, you won't get the ladder effect. Hope this makes sense!

11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh, there is a VIDEO here, about halfway down the page:,2025,DIY_14141_3053223,00.html

I didn't play it, but it looks like it could be helpful!

11:58 AM  

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