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Monday, October 04, 2004

It really wasn't as eventful as last weekend, but still very busy. While on my mis-adventures, I picked up the newest issue of FCEK:

There are some really cute patterns and worth the money.

I also saw the a new magazine called "Women's Day Quick and Easy Knitting and Crocheting". Since I didn't have time to look at it in the store, I bought it. Now I wish I had left it where it was--33 of the 62 patterns were crochet, a couple were a mix of knit and crochet, and one was questionable (I think it was just a yarn project). Also, every yarn used was a Caron, Lion Brand, etc. No Higher end yarns. I understand that not everyone can afford the higher end stuff, but does the entire magazine need to be in the cheap acryllic stuff? I also know that there are a lot of people that like crochet, but I just learned knitting, why would I want to learn a new craft so soon? The funny thing was that everything I thought was cute (which was all kid's stuff) was all crochet!

The last reading material I picked up was the Quick! Easy Crafts mini-mag. After seeing it at Target and in Heather's blog , I thought I need that. I have most of the patterns in the book already, but the cashemere teddy was a must have.

Now on to the knitting...
I am now to the palm part of the Glorious Glove. This is where I was when I frogged it. It is looking good--pictures tomorrow. I have never made gloves before, so if someone can help me with this thumb thing (and the waste yarn) when I get it, I would love you forever!!

Shout out to My *NEW* KR Secret Pal!!
I received an ecard from my secret pal this weekend. It was very nice of her to send that and brighten my day. It reminds me too that I must get my gift in the mail to my secret pal...

I hope everyone had a great weekend!!


Blogger h said...

Very cool I love that teddy too! :)

I think I have a subscription to FCEK. I hope I get the mag. Can't wait to see what is in!


8:39 AM  
Blogger jruth said...

I was looking through the table of contents of the FCEK. And I noticed the moose slippers? Are they truely moose slippers or reindeer? And are they child or adult size? I have a good friend that is truely radical about moose.


10:02 AM  

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