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Monday, April 04, 2005

What difference an hour makes...

For those of you who never have had to change time due to Daylight Savings Time, you'll never know the pain one hour can cause. This is the time of year we jump ahead an hour (read: lose one hour). I don't want to sound whiny, but I could have used that hour for sleep. It's hard to fall asleep an hour earlier if your body hasn't adjusted, yet. I know a lot of people who are off for at least a week regardless of whether we gain or loose that one little hour. Woe is me, right?

Regardless of the time change, Jeremy and I were work horses this weekend:

  • We finally got our ceiling fan and the dimmer switch installed. It goes a lot faster if the fan isn't dead out of the box.

  • We put down 17 bags of mulch in the front yard. While 17 bags sounds like a lot, I'll tell you we probably have another 100 or so to go before we get everything done. But it looks good, so I don't mind. We went with Red Cypress--it adds a lot of color. It's amazing the difference!!

  • I steam cleaned the carpets--well, half of them. The mulch got in my way, so tonight is the second half before the ILL-INI game.

  • We also managed to get a table at a local Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Illini beat Louisville. There was one Louisville fan in the restaurant. Not a good idea to taunt the rest of the restaurant, Dude.

  • My secret sweater is coming together and will probably get done tonight during the game. I know that might be too much to ask, but I can try.

For those of you who can give a crap about the NCAA Tourney, American Chopper is airing the first part of the Caterpillar Chopper. Discovery Channel chose a very bad date to air that, but we are still excited here at the Big Yellow Machine Company.

Since this is a knitting blog and all, I should mention that I cast on for the Hourglass Sweater. Here is what 390 yards of Wool looks like all balled up:

Holy crap! Look at all that purple yarn!

I didn't think it was going to fit on the ball winder anymore!! But I managed somehow. Yoda likes to watch the Swift go round and round.

Here is a close-up of the swatch. I actually washed this too. I know. I amaze myself, too.

All clean and washed!

Is it bad that I am already thinking about my next project? I barely have the stiches on the needle and I already want to move on....Guess that's how it goes.


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