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Monday, February 28, 2005

FOs and Yarn!

So I figured I owed my loyal fans a finsihed project and some pictures, so I set out to finish my socks. Actually, I had a doctor's appointment on Friday, so I had some wating room time to work on the second sock. With out any further ado, here is my first pair of socks:

Pattern: Socks Soar on Two Circulars basic sock pattern
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Java
Needles: Clover Bamboo size 3
Notes: I LOVE THIS YARN!! I received this yarn from my first secret pal (THANK YOU!!) and decided they would be my first pair of socks. It is so soft and the colors are awesome.

Close up of the sock detail.

I have quite a bit of yarn left over, so I think I might try some baby socks.
I mentioned I had a doctor's appointment on Friday, so I left work early to drive to downtown Naperville. I sort of had a little time to waste, so I hit the yarn store down there. I wasn't really inspired by anything. Seriously. There were some really nice yarns, but I was sort of upset. I wanted to order some handpainted yarn for an Hourglass Sweater, and I tried. Only when I ordered my iPod, Apple did some weird $.50 charge which my bank thought was identity theft and turned off my debit card. So I tried to order and was denied. Then when it was all worked out, all the yarns were gone. So, I went to the doctor and decided to hit another yarn store on the way home:

What's in the bag?!

I still have some birthday money, so don't freak out on me, yet. I found some great things:


Here are the things I came away with: 3 hanks of Chuckanaut Bay wool for an Hourglass (this stuff is 390 yards for $19) in a deel purple, a hank of Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in blue, some angora for the booties in Last Minute Knittd Gifts (a gift for a co-worker), the Fiber Trends Felted Clog Pattern, Chibi, and regular darning needles.
Want to see a closeup of the Chuckanaut Bay yarn?


Blogger Heather said...

OOOh I want to see a closeup of the angora!

Nice socks! They look awesome...are you sure that is your first pair? heehee

Looove Loot! Thanks for sharin!

10:59 AM  
Blogger Jenn said...

What a wonderful trip to the yarn store! You will love the felted problem is I wear through them so fast!

Congrats on the socks. They look great!

12:13 PM  
Blogger jillz said...

THe socks look gorgeous! I just finished knitting my first pair last week & I am in love with sock knitting. Started my 2nd pair yesterday. Lovely stash additions too!

12:24 PM  
Blogger Monica said...

Your socks are gorgeous! I have some of that yarn from Fringe that I really need to knit up.

10:45 AM  

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