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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

"Thing" Update

Here is the first section I have completed on my Sweater Workshop sampler (aka: Thing). This shows seven rows of garter stitch and ten rows of stockinette. I am using Red Hart yarn in the color Linen. I have heard people say that the feeling of acrylic is very much like plastic. I never understood that--until now. I only am using this stuff since it was $2 for 8 oz and no one is wearing it. I would never wear anything knit out of this crap(?). I am very glad that the baby acrylic is much, much softer.

Here is the next section of K1,P1 rib. Now on to twisted rib....

Other knitting:

I said yesterday that I am finishing up some of the projects on my sidebar. I didn't want to take partially finished pictures, but the gloves are almost there--two more fingers. Then the fixing of holes. I will finally be done--and none too soon. The weather map shows crazy snow for the next three days. It was just 60 degrees (F)!! Gotta love Illinois weather. I always say you can get every season in one day, and then some!

I haven't looked at the other projects sitting there--partially so I could focus on the Evil Glorious Gloves. If I don't complete them before Mariah begins, I will only work on those until they are done. Then I can think about Klaralund and anything else that tickles my fancy (I'm dreaming of cables--lots of them).


I don't know how we got so lucky to have such a well behaved dog. And so cute. Heather, you can babysit just need to find a way to Illinois!

Well, the second day of work is harder than the first. I am already exhausted! That's what I get for gettin so much rest over my vacation!! Good luck to everyone on their first or second days back!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm scared to go back to work just for that reason. I've been sitting on my arse for a week straight. And waking up early just hasn't been in my vocab. At least I only have to work three days and then it will be the weekend again. Good luck with the gloves. I am thinking of knitting fingerless gloves with the yarn you gifted me. Once I finish up some other WIP's of course.

9:33 AM  

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