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Thursday, November 18, 2004

How has knitting affected my shopping habits?

I saw a topic over at Knitter's Review the other day that said, "How knitting has changed my shopping" or something to that effect. I started thinking about it and my shopping habits have changed. I am more aware of what things are made of and the costs associated with them.

Example: I was shopping with my sister at Ralph Lauren. They had tons of beautiful sweaters--cashemere for close to $200 (which I find to be about right). They also had some very nice cabled pullovers. I looked at the price-$70. I looked at the label-acrylic! Now I don't mind acrylic--it can be washed at home, some hold up very well. But I know that I can make a very nice sweater in an acrylic and wool blend for much less than $70. I realize most of that cost was the "label", but seriously folks! I find it is a little harder for me to part with my money on something like that.

There is a flip side, too. I was at Gap and they had wool, acrylic, cashemere, angora blend cardigans for $14. Um, I bought two. I could never make something in those fibers for $14.

Maybe I am a little bit more fiber saavy?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find my shopping habits have changed also. I buy less clothes and more yarn. I will not buy certain items because why would I...I can make them. Especially items like ponchos, scarves, certain sweaters, etc... :-)


7:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too am buying less clothes and more yarn. Also I look at labels to see what items are made of. I don't mind buying an acrylic sweater for the same reasons as you said but not for $70!! I did however buy an angora/wool/cashmere cabled sweater for $70 cause I know I couldn't make it for that price.

8:17 AM  

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