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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sorry I didn't have the post up as early as I usually do, but I think I did more damage to myself by falling down the stairs than I want to admit. This may be a little too much info--but I think I know what it feels like when guys get kicked in the crotch. That's how I feel right now.

Which brings me to a rant...

What is up with health insurance? We have the insurance from my work and from Jeremy's, yet we are unable to find a place that we are allowed to go...ahem, I mean 'in-network'. Why is it so damn difficult to find an urgent care center or a doctor where you will not have to foot the entire bill? I am in pain, but I want to say forget going to the doctor--it's not worth the insurance hassle!!!

Stepping off the Soap Box to talk about Knitting...

So I finished knitting Marilyn last night. I also iron blocked her. Now, I need to do some seaming and the collar. I have never done raglan there a trick? I think I'll have to pull my finishng book out, but if anyone has any suggestions or hints, I am certainly open. Please, flood me with Raglan help!!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Blogger h said...

courtesy of's blog

Attach Sleeves to Body

Pick out the cast on edge of each sleeve and put it back on the needle.

Put the sleeve stitches from body (that are on the scrap yarn) onto a spare circular needle.

Graft (kitchner stitch) sleeve to body.

Good Luck Can't wait to see!


1:57 PM  

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